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Timesheet Released

Several years ago, while I was still working at Kanga, I wrote a timesheet application that was used by the company to track employee hours. Based on ASP.NET and MySQL, the original intent was to have it running on Mono. That never really panned out, but the app was in use for at least a year and a half while I was there. As far as I knew, it was still in use up until the very end of the company.

The code languished on my hard drive for the last two years. During that period, I’d get an average of one or two inquiries each month via email from various souls across teh Intarweb who were interested in taking it for a spin. Unfortunately, the code didn’t even compile anymore and I didn’t really feel like getting it to a working state. That all changed this past week, for whatever reason.

I spent a few nights whipping the codebase into a somewhat decent state. It now compiles, and has an updated SQL script to get the database up and running. It seems to work, so I thought I’d upload it to Google code for anybody who’s interested. The code has a staggering test coverage stat of 0%, but everything used to work 2 years ago, so what the heck. It’s no longer something I’m terribly proud of, but it works and I might commit to making it kick some sort of ass over the next few months.