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Seeking Sharepoint/MCMS/Biztalk Must Read Blogs

At my new job I’ll be doing a lot of work with Sharepoint, MCMS 2002, and Biztalk. Since I haven’t really followed the development of these technologies, I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to where to go to seek good information and updates. If anyone can help give me a leg up, please leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail


I’ve Been Jobbed

It’s official… I’m leaving my job at Kanga to accept a position at Pangaea Systems. I’m very excited about this, because hopefully I’ll be able to work on larger systems.

The work should be almost exclusively in the .NET realm. Biztalk, Sharepoint, MSCMS, etc. I’ll miss my homies at Kanga, but I should still be able to drop by for nice sweaty hack session every now and then. (That’s “hack”, as in kicking around a small beanbag with your feet. I tend not to sweat whilst “hacking” on code. Most of the time.)

New .Text Skin

I spent an hour or two today working on a skin that more closely matches the look of my personal homepage:

I think it turned out alright. Comments are most welcome.

Now, the only problem I have is that my personal blog is version 0.94 of .Text, and my work blog is version 0.95. It seems that there was a change in the way skins were handled between the two versions. I’ll eventually get around to converting that one over as well, but right now I’m skinned out.