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Ok, So This Is Weird

Picture me in the basement of my house… I’ve just finished putting my dirty unmentionables into the washing machine. The lone fluorescent light flickers. I trip on something rough… it rattles. Looking down, I see a medium sized burlap sack blocking half of the hallway. Hmmm… I wonder what’s inside? With a strange anticipation, mixed with more than just a little trepidation, I open the burlap sack.


You’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me.


Another Nice Site

I stumbled across Scott Van Vliet’s blog on a little while ago. While he doesn’t seem to post very often, he does have a couple of gems that are backed up with some solid code:

Page Template Framework for ASP.NET 1.1
Search Engine Safe Urls in ASP.NET

His page template framework allows you to specify user controls that should be added to your web forms. You can specify which controls are loaded by a page based on directory structure simply by creating a custom configuration file and inheriting from a base Page class. It’s a common enough technique, but Scott’s taken it one step further by creating the necessary configuration file plumbing.

In the CMS project I’ve been working on in my spare time, I’ve always kept the idea of Search Engine Safe (SES) URL’s in the back of my mind. I’m currently using a URL re-writing technique on my personal site, but it’s not nearly as simple to implement as Scott’s solution seems to be. He seems to have found a way to convert URL’s with multiple query string parameters into an SES URL, and then convert it back again, all without too much fiddling around. I can’t wait to try it out.

Great ASP.NET Site/Blog

I just thought I’d point out a great ASP.NET site I discovered about a month or so ago:

ASP.NET Resources

It’s the first ASP.NET site out there that I’ve ever seen to focus mainly on web standards. There’s lots of good commentary from the site author, Milan Negovan, on issues related to programming with web standards in mind. He writes practical articles describing how to make good standards based sites using the .NET framework (even though some parts of the framework tend to generate non-compliant markup). I always look forward to his articles, and think it’s great to see somebody tackling these issues head on. Go check it out.

ASP.NET 2.0 Themes

So for some reason, the ASP.NET team over at Microsoft has decided to muddy the waters yet again, and come up with a brand new technology that does exactly what something else already does well. I’m specifically talking about ASP.NET themes, which are set to debut in 2.0 next year, but are already available to test with the beta. You can see what I’m talking about here:

Creating Web Application Themes in ASP.NET 2.0

I just don’t understand why they’d bother trying to implement something like this, when it just makes so much more sense to use straight CSS to style your site. Why bother learning another technique?

GMail Invites

I’ve pretty much exhausted my list of friends and family whom I can dole out GMail invites to. I have 6 more to give away now, so if you want one leave a comment or send an e-mail (