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The interesting times I live in

Hmmm… where to start…

My house caught on fire three days ago. Nothing major, just a singed counter, cupboard, and ceiling. The culprit was a toaster oven that either spontaneously combusted in some way, or was left on by accident. My next-door neighbor was luckily sitting in her backyard, close enough to hear the fire alarm go off. If she wasn’t there, I would probably still be wearing the same clothes and sleeping at my parent’s house.

I was promoted to the position of “Co-Director” of our Application Services department at Kanga this past week as well, along with another dude going by the name of Buckles. I must say, it’s nice to finally be recognized for some of the extra work I’ve put in over the past year.

Today I submitted my first ever patch to an open source project. The project is Blam!, an Rss Reader for Gnome, written in C# using the GTK binding on Mono. It wasn’t accepted, but I’m happy anyways.


My trip to Vancouver

I went to Vancouver this weekend to attend the wedding of one of my high school friends (Nancy Lee, now known as Nancy Chen). I would have loved to have spent more time there… It’s a very nice city, with lots to do and see. As it was, we were able to witness (briefly) some fireworks and the aftermath of the gay pride parade.

One thing I’ve learned, is to always book your flights/hotel as far in advance as possible. We had no idea that this past weekend would be one of the busiest of the year in Vancouver… Therefore there was fairly slim pickin’s for rooms. We ended up staying at the Fairmont airport hotel the first night. It was very nice, but *way* expensive.

I think my ass may be permanently shaped like the driver’s seat of my truck.