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Major Site Update

I’ve just re-written this entire website in ASP.NET, using RSS.NET to hook into the feed from my .Text blog. I’ve got to say… RSS.NET is pretty damn slick. Three lines of code to bind it to a DataList, and you’re in business. Kudos to them.

Now, as for the updates… My resume has once again been updated to reflect some of the projects I’ve recently completed at Kanga. There’s also a section for my code, which is relatively pitiful right now. Hopefully I can get my O/R Mapper into a releasable state sometime soon, so it can be packaged and placed online.

Sooo… Lemme know what y’all think. There’s a comments section on the blog, and so far the only comment is from somebody trying to sell me on something that I built!


Another project nears completion

This Tuesday another project I’ve been working on goes live:


It’s an online dating service for corporate singles in the Calgary area. There was an article about it in the Calgary Herald last week, so hopefully it’s pretty successful. I worked on it with a co-worker (buckles) for about 3 weeks straight.